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posted Feb 5, 2012, 4:41 AM by Dave Boynton   [ updated Feb 5, 2012, 4:42 AM ]
Here at @wheatofc we are avid followers of Twitter. We promise we'll get better at tweeting too, but for now, here are some pearls of wisdom from our follows...

@LegendaryCoach TheGaffer
Stop chasing the approval of parents by chasing trophies and winning meaningless games, how about you actually
develop talent?

@nlevett Nick Levett
@CalumMcIntyre @legendarycoach Very true! Futsal indoors is the way forward!

@YouthFitnessGuy David Kittner
Regardless of what level of youth sports your child plays, they're still kids: physically, mentally, emotionally and  socially.

@nlevett Nick Levett
Some coaches do more running up and down than the kids! And why stand on the pitch?! Get off the pitch coaches! Let the kids play.

@nlevett Nick Levett
These are the little things coaches can control, the moment that kid crosses the white line to play, you can't control them so don't try to!

"Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity." -Kay Redfield Jamison #quote

@nlevett Nick Levett
@shaunbarr Problem I see a lot is adults tend to pigeon hole kids in positions. We've no idea how they are going to
develop long term.

a) Messi has most unsuccessful dribbles in La Liga for 3rd year running. b) 21 goals in 19 games and won 3 ballon
d'or. Risk vs Reward!

@nlevett Nick Levett… Worth a look at the superb work being done by @MinistryOfFooty and the team. Shares the benefits of small-sided games.

Gareth Southgate - @GarethSouthgate
@nlevett depressing. Had to leave under 9s after 15mins which was as much as I could stomach of opposition coach

@nlevett Nick Levett
@StanCollymore @piersmorgan In Germany, 1% of season ticket sales fund grassroots and regional Academies for developing next generation.

Chris Hodgson™ @Soccer20_Hodga
Sometimes as a coach u have to ask what THEY want, and if it creates a happy place for them then sometimes that's all that matters

@jackwalton1 If there isn't more learning, enjoyment, movement & intensity in what yr doing as in 3v3 games, then do the 3v3s instead

@nlevett Nick Levett
No kid ever steps on the pitch & says, 'Today I'm going to lose.' Theyre naturally competitive. Concern yourself with performance, not score

Richard Utting @FootballMinds
RT @rufusbrevett3: Bad habits are like a comfortable bed; they are easy to get into, but hard to get out of.

Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
Winning follows mindset & style. When a footballer focuses on the process rather than the outcome he cannot lose

Richard Utting @FootballMinds
RT @danabrahams77: A winner is someone who puts winning to the back of his mind&focuses on developing the things that will make him a winner

Geordieandproud @Geordieonhol
@StanCollymore premiership chiefs should impose ban for diving cheats if caught.It would teach others not to as kids look up to these stars

Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
The enduring paradox of sport lies in the phenomenon that to win you must ignore winning as you play but play with the passion of a winner

Daniel Abrahams @DanAbrahams77
For a manager football is a team sport. For a coach football is an individual sport

Mark Carter @MinistryOfFooty
@GarethSouthgate @chrisproskills @nlevett League tables, parents on sidelines, coaches, are a hindrance to the natural learning process