Our FDO On Greg Dyke's FA Chairman Speech

posted Sep 5, 2013, 1:26 AM by Wheathampstead Wanderers
Hi All,
Article from our Football Development Officer (FDO) - Kevin Lennon.
I’m not sure if you’ve managed to catch the speech yesterday from the new Chairman of the FA, Greg Dyke. If not make sure you find time to catch up on it http://www.thefa.com/News/thefa/2013/sep/chairman-greg-dyke-full-speech-vision.aspx


For me it was very refreshing that someone at the head of the game in this country has come out with such an open speech and wants to address the problems that many have seen for so long but haven’t been prepared to do anything about it. I guess the proof will be in the pudding as to whether he’ll be able to drive any plan through the likely political hurdles he’ll face within the game but one thing that I can assure you that will come out of this will be a focus on better coaches at the grassroots level.


This is the most important level in the whole game as this is where the kids start playing and it captures them in their golden years of learning. This relates to me, you and all the other coaches we come across at Butterfield Road and other playing fields in Hertfordshire on Saturday and Sunday mornings.


But as Henry Winter points out in The Telegraph this morning (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/england/10287856/Greg-Dyke-should-forget-about-England-winning-World-Cup-and-concentrate-on-fixing-grassroots-football.html) it is not just about the quantity of coaches at this level – there are already around 400,000 unpaid volunteers across the country involved – but the QUALITY of these coaches.


How can we as coaches expect our kids to get the best development if we are not equipping ourselves by attaining the knowledge to execute this.


Ask yourself whether you would like your own children to go to school and get taught by unqualified teachers? If not, then why should we expect parents who have paid a meaningful registration fee to hand their children to unqualified football coaches.


So as much as the FA and media can talk about the quality of grassroots coaching it is ultimately up to us as individuals at this level to grab the bull by the horns and ensure we get appropriate qualifications and then not just rest on our laurels but ensure we continue to learn and continually look to become better coaches.


Wheathampstead Wanderers is fully behind coach learning and this is why as a Charter Standard club we want EVERY team to have at least one FA1 coach. The Club covers the cost for these courses and we are also supportive of coaches that want to progress onto either FA2 or the Youth Modules – all very excellent courses and a good step-on from the FA1, which barely touches the surface and ultimately is like your old ‘red’ ribbon you got in swimming when as a kid you swam a width of the pool for the first time!


If you are committed to being a coach then you should also look into registering as a FA Licensed Coach, which is another step in helping create a better coaching culture. It is now FREE to sign up (although there are extras you can pay for). The FA Licensed Coaches’ Club website has plenty of online coaching resources and regular news, video sessions and features from leading coaches in the game while you can also get regular opportunities to win tickets for England home games and training sessions. As part of your licence, you are committing to a minimum of Continuous Professional Development (3-hours p.a. for a Level-1 coach and 5-hours p.a. for a Level-2) but this can be easily obtained from courses or coaching events offered by Herts FA or even just attending the FA Licensed Coaches Annual Conference, which again this year will be held at St Georges Park. To register as a FA Licensed Coach click on  http://facc.thefa.com/Users/Account/LogOn?ReturnUrl=%2fnews


Rome wasn’t built in a day so we’re not going to suddenly become world beaters overnight here, however, if we can look to become the best coaches we can (recognising we’re all volunteers and have other commitments as well), can drive forward the philosophy of the game directed from people such as Nick Levett and can show a strong passion and commitment then we can all do our own little bit to help raise standards and create a legacy we can all enjoy when we’re sat back in our armchairs in later years with our slippers on while smoking our pipe!!





Wheathampstead Wanderers Youth Development Coach