Great Twitter Quotes Part 2..

posted Aug 30, 2013, 12:32 AM by Wheathampstead Wanderers
As we've been tidying up WheatoFC Towers prior to the new season, we came across another set of great quotes that we have noted from Twitter over the past year. Have a look, there are some gems here...

‏@nlevett  4 Feb: Grassroots football is not about the amount of trophies you win. It is about the difference you make to young people.

‏@nlevett  6 Nov:  Adults telling kids what to do during games is similar to parents doing their kids homework. Might get 100% tomorrow but limited long-term.

‏@Samanthagriff17  21 Sep:  Intresting quote from Ray Lewington "we teach our players if in doubt stay on the ball" who does this with grassroots kids? @CoachingFamily

‏@DanAbrahams77  17 Sep:  The brain is like velcro for negatives but like teflon for positives - footballers must learn how to manage this mindset challenge

‏@nlevett  5 Sep: Note to coaches/parents. Defeat isn't the same as failure. Defeat is an inevitable outcome at some stage and a healthy part of growing up.

‏@DanAbrahams77  20 Aug 12:  A coach must teach a footballer to stay in the present. Your team should never lose, they should only run out of time

‏@YouthFitnessGuy  21 Jul 12:  The sound of children playing is the sound of children learning.

‏@VictorSatei  13 Jul 12:  Yelling from sideline = nervous players = more mistakes = more yelling from sideline = a vicious cycle! Ahhhh! @coaches_ont @CoachingFamily

‏@DanAbrahams77  13 May 12:  If you want to create a winning team then avoid the word 'win' in your team talk. The processes take care of winning

‏@DanAbrahams77  6 May 12:  A coach should teach a young player how to speak to herself during the game. His inner voice mediates his confidence, focus & intensity

‏@DrDickB  23 Apr 12: @nlevett very good!!!  i once wrote 3 KEY LAWS OF CHILD DEV. 1) ch is not a mini adult; 2) ch. is not a mini adult; 3) ch is not a mini adult

‏@DanAbrahams77  9 Apr 12 :  Referee's have always made decisions people don't with it in the moment and move on quickly. That's a winner's mindset

‏@Sports_Greats  6 Apr 12:  It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies. -Arthur Calwell

‏@DanAbrahams77  2 Apr 12:  The brain's propensity to dwell on mistakes can be a tougher enemy to overcome that the footballer's opponent

‏@Sports_Greats  2 Apr 12:  My responsibility is leadership, and the minute I get negative, that is going to have an influence on my team. -Don Shula

‏@DanAbrahams77  1 Apr 12:  A footballer's focus during a game easily wanders. It's the way the brain is designed. She must have small targets during the game to focus

‏@LegendaryCoach  30 Mar 12: The BEST dribblers become the BEST passers when they are older, this is well known amongst program/curriculum builders...

‏@LegendaryCoach  30 Mar 12:  Coaches please, if you coach in the young ages, please encourage the dribble... Be aware that they will fail, don't chastise them for it..

‏@LegendaryCoach  29 Mar 12:  Think about what YOU wanted in a coach, be that inspirational figure for your players... Be funny, challenging, supportive, upbeat..

‏@DanAbrahams77  29 Mar 12:  Pele didn’t play perfectly. Nor did Maradona. Lionel Messi doesn’t play with perfection. Perfectionism kills footballers. Play with freedom…

‏@Sports_Greats  19 Mar 12:  You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself... and when you reach your limits, that is real joy. -Arthur Ashe

‏@Sports_Greats  18 Mar 12:  You're never as good as everyone tells you when you win, and you're never as bad as they say when you lose. -Lou Holtz

‏@Soccerstarzltd  17 Mar 12:  Junior coaches over the weekend remember its only a game! Remember the enthusiasm that u had as a kid going 2 play and share in it with them

‏@DanAbrahams77  14 Mar 12:  Perfectionism slows speed of thought on the pitch. A coach must send the message that 'mistakes happen' to a young player. Play with freedom

‏@LegendaryCoach  14 Mar 12:  Create a fun, positive, environment, that is intense for the players, go after teams when you play them, attack, give the players freedom...

‏@LegendaryCoach  14 Mar 12:  Secure coaches know that they don't have total control of the results, only THE PROCESS, but make that process the best it can be...

‏@antmccool7  1 Mar 12:  The same people moaning about England not having technical ability r the same 1s shouting at little kids to WIN! #changeyouthchangeengland

‏@DanAbrahams77  23 Feb 12:  A winning mentality requires an exact look at the process of winning. Process first, outcome second...or...form follows function

‏@WheatoFC  13 Feb 12:  "The problem is, in England you teach children to win the game. In Spain, we teach children to play the game" - Jose Mourinho, 2010.

‏@DanAbrahams77  9 Feb 12:  A footballer will play as well as his self-image allows him to

‏@PavlW  30 Jan 12:  a) Messi has most unsuccessful dribbles in La Liga for 3rd year running.  b) 21 goals in 19 games and won 3 ballon d'or.  Risk vs Reward!


And my own personal favourite...

‏@DanAbrahams77  11 Feb 12:  A coach's voice travels with a player...always!