#Football As A Kid

posted Nov 5, 2012, 4:03 AM by Dave Boynton
There has been a fantastic twitter conversation over the last few days, using the hash-tag #FootballAsAKid
See how many of these you recognise !! (and work out how many of these should be reinstated into today's world asap!!)
@RoyCropperNOT: #FootballAsAKid Having a game with your mates and a randomer comes over 'alright mate can I play?' 'Dunno mate its not my ball'
@fransteele96: #FootballAsAKid being the only girl down the park with about 5,000 boys looool #playaa
@TheJCartwright: #FootballAsAKid Arguing about whether the ball went over the invisible bar or not..
@UKBanter: #FootballAsAKid - Your mate turning for numbers to go in goal, and putting all the numbers on him
@RoyCropperNOT: #FootballAsAKid Shouting "Play on" when you're the keeper if you can't be bothered to go and get the ball
@thomasjames95: #FootballAsAKid freezing cold Sundays, bomb sites for pitches, angry dads ridiculous score lines and the best memories I will ever hold.
Andy Coley Cole : #footballasakid using a plastic bottle in the playground when you didn't have a ball
Phil Bernard : #FootballAsAKid You're losing to some randoms in a park. Ball goes off. "Mate that's a corner"....."Nah mate we're not playing corners."
@FootyMemes: #FootballAsAKid When you're supposed to be home at a certain time but you're having so much fun you stay because it's worth the consequences
@Sads3110: #FootballAsAKid watching Gazza's free kick against Arsenal, then going straight out to the park for the afternoon trying to replicate it ...
@Arctic_Mack: #FootballAsAKid that one badass kid who would always go into peoples gardens to fetch the ball. #wesaluteyou
@BroxiBear9 #FootballAsAKid Commentating out loud when your palying by yourself lol
@FootyMemes: #FootballAsAKid (playing in the street) stop the game! there's a car coming!
@STRSkillSchool: #FootballAsAKid Best present in the world was a football. Still is!
@Supermac_27: #footballAsAKid Older boys walk over to you "Gis us a kick a the ball" *Lads get the ball & boot it half way across the world* #NiceOneMate
Jack Preston : #FootballAsAKid Scoring the winner in world cup at break, then running away abusing my mates and being chased by the entire school.......
@BigJohnTerry: #FootballAsAKid running round the street beating imaginary defenders and curling a sweet strike past a non existent goalkeeper
@BigJohnTerry: #FootballAsAKid bringing your fresh ball out and not playing on concrete with it
@MarioBaloltelli: #FootballAsAKid losing by about 10 goals... "Next goal wins!"
Erick Holguin : FootballAsAKid - Getting to school 30mins early for a game of footy before the school bell!
@johnterry1986: #FootballAsAKid "if that ball comes over here again I'm putting a knife through it" ( next door neighbour)
declan_mckay : #FootballAsAKid not needing a referee because a group of 10 year olds are more disciplined than a group of professional footballers
cbutcher_94 : #FootballAsAKid My ball my rules!
The_Boot_King : RT @Neary22: #FootballAsAKid 'Offside' every goal the opposite team scored!
@Houghy28: #FootballAsAKid 'pick numbers!!' 'whats your number?' 'ermm ..  right do it again, ONEEEEEEE!'
@HOUGHTON_J: #FootballAsAKid. No pitch, don't stop until you reach the other side of the field
@JenniferKiko: #FootballAsAKid *shot goes over jumper* that was post and in !!
@MarkManning8: #FootballAsAKid #cupsy you're out!... "Im not playing anymore, give me my ball I'm going home".... Ok you're still in
@Gerrard8FanPage: #FootballAsAKid When you're about to pick numbers telling your mate the number you're going to be so you'll be on his team.
@StevenBurns_1: #FootballAsAKid "PENALTY" "here im taking it" "na man makers takers"
@WheatoFC: #FootballAsAKid playing until it was too dark to see, then 'next goal wins' cos no-one knew what the score was
ThomasStalker1: #FootballAsAKid playing out by yourself in the rain dreaming about being the next Gazza