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A Note From Our Chairman

posted Jun 18, 2012, 6:47 AM by Wheathampstead Wanderers

We all want what is best for our kids. That is why we embarked on a three point plan – to provide better footballing opportunities, to set better standards and improve our facilities. We have made great strides in all these areas:

- we now have a link with Luton Town FC, a mini soccer award scheme backed by a coaching manual, dedicated goalkeeper training, more teams going on tour and according to the Herts FA are now “a well-run organisation that offers excellent football opportunities for the young”;
- we require all players and parents to adhere to the respect code of conduct so that our children can play and learn in a positive environment, we collect items that Keech Hospice can sell in their shops (so far these have been worth more than £2k), we assisted our U17 goalkeeper embark on the last Football Gambia project and are currently looking to donate items to KitAid, as well as helping mentor young coaches and fund young referees; and
- a clubhouse at Butterfield Road, like that pictured, is now deemed a priority for the Herts FA and we are seeking wider support before finalising our proposals; this part of the plan is known as “Project Premier League” because we want facilities that will inspire our children!

As a result we are growing in reputation and popularity and have also seen more people become involved as volunteers this year. If you would like to get involved in any way – perhaps with administration, the website, seeking grants, kit and equipment or facilities etc – please contact me.

Finally, I would like to thank our volunteers, in particular, the club committee. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. We have been nominated for the Charter Standard Club of the Year award!

Andy Ellis