Under 7s (Yr 2)

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Absolute Market Research provide a range of services related to Market Research. We work directly for brands by running full-service projects, support other marketing professionals in broadening their portfolio offering, and operate as an internal research department for organisations who don't require a full-time research headcount, but require continued expertise and direction in this area.

However your business is structured, we can provide flexible services that deliver real results. Our clients range from small, independent local companies, through to local government and multinational corporates. Our projects include: product testing, brand tracking, new product development, PR campaigns, new market analysis, and much, much more.

We pride ourselves on being Flexible, Supportive and Open Minded. Whether you're a seasoned commissioner of Market Research or just want to find out if Research could assist your business goals and growth, then please get in touch; we love talking about Research!

Under 7s - All Teams

Amanda Molvik: aahsm@hotmail.co.uk