Under 10 Sharks Vs Hemel Warriors Stealths

posted Sep 23, 2012, 4:28 AM by andyalexander95@yahoo.co.uk   [ updated Aug 29, 2013, 8:03 AM by Wheathampstead Wanderers ]
  The County Cup paired up the Sharks against Hemel Warriors in the County cup.
  The game went into extra time and then penalty kicks which Hemel emerged victorious
   3-1 however, it maybe a cliche, but football was the winner today as both teams played
   the game as it should be played. It will be a very long time before anyone who was present
   witnesses a more entertaining 0-0 draw. The Sharks really should have won comfortably
   and were by far the better team however the boys from Hemel have clearly been taught well
   and when they had the ball they tried to play properly. The game was played at a breath taking
   pace and this was down to the fact that neither team were kicking the ball out of play, when
   under defensive pressure, so the ball was constantly in play much like an indoor 5-a-side is.
   The Hemel coaches, i am sure, will not disagree that the Sharks had at least 66% of the ball
   and rained shots on the Hemel goal continuously for 70 minutes but could not find a way through.
   Good luck to Hemel Warriors for the rest of the season!