U6 2012 Season review

posted Jun 20, 2012, 3:39 AM by Wheathampstead Wanderers   [ updated Jul 30, 2012, 9:21 AM ]
Coaches: Andy Ellis, Ian Field, George Jarvis, Matthew O’Flynn, Steve Pope.

THE SQUAD: Xander Austin, Daniel Biddulph, William Bratton, Ryan Cairns, Harry Field, George Findlay, Tom Frost, Will Gifford, Benedict Gill, Hughie Gilshan, Ben Griffiths, Kai Hammond, Aidan Hatch-King, Cian Jelly, Joshua Jones, Freddie Krysta, Tanaka Marowa, Hayden McDavell, Alfie McGuinness, Gideon Metcalfe, Harry Nicol, Conor O’Flynn, Matthew O’Keeffe, Jake Osbourne, Harry Pope, Troy Rogers, Harry Sangers-Gibbons, Cian Shea, Oliver Smith, Edward Stell, Cameron Taylor, Will Tweedie, Alfie Young.
It’s only natural to have a few nerves on your first day, but once we started playing I soon got over them! I had never coached Under 6s before and wasn’t really sure what to expect, but then you start making some new friends and soon you feel part of something special. After a while you couldn’t keep me away! The PS3 and the telly would have to wait until Saturday afternoon. I may have been coaching for a few years but you never stop learning.

And what have I learnt this year? Well, for one, it doesn’t get easier remembering names as you get older! Also, whatever the weather, Under 6s have an incredible enthusiasm to play and to have fun. However cold the adults might be, you can forget about cancelling sessions because of a bit of rain or snow! But, above all else, this age group has an eagerness to try new games, new skills and play better football.

So, apart from George reminding me of names, we have witnessed kids with smiles on their faces and every child improve their football ability. Many seemingly have the makings of talented players. And because of all this everyone involved – particularly Ian, George, Matthew and Steve – can feel a great sense of pride.